Clients often say simply:
These are our tax law attorneys

Business decisions sometimes make it necessary

to take risks, but there is often just a fine line between those risks which are assessable and those which are not. This is particularly true when it comes to corporate taxation. Tax law is so complex that even one single aspect which is overlooked can have unforeseeable consequences. It is for this reason that we take a very close look. And we do so ideally long before takeovers, acquisitions and other structural changes become an issue in the company.
That way the resulting consequences in terms of taxation don’t have to be a cause for concern after the event.

As specialists in corporate tax law

we support businesses, decision-makers and tax consultants and their advisors with expert knowledge of taxation and well-founded second opinions on formation recommendations and taxation concepts.

And should a dispute one day become unavoidable or even already have occurred, we are here to help you with competent conflict advice both during the ongoing company audit and afterwards in appeal and court proceedings. We will represent you and your interests with prudence and determination – in front of the courts and in dealing with the authorities.

A prerequisite for this

is the comprehensive analysis of all relevant factors – especially in the international context. We call this finding the focus in the details.

Of course you could formulate it as well as many of our clients do by saying simply: These are our tax law attorneys.

Tax law attorneys

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