We only concern ourselves with tax law for businesses – across the whole spectrum from company tax law through capital gains tax and sales tax right up to customs and excise duties and the criminal law on tax offences. But that’s all. No auditing, no legal advice in other areas of law. We are, after all, your tax law attorneys.

And that is why there are no other areas we need to take into consideration. No business structures we must respect.

That gives us an independence some colleagues can only dream about and puts us in a position to be able to look that bit closer. To analyze cause and effect more precisely, define risks more openly, more clearly identify relationships, and more effectively react in the case of a dispute. And we can develop potential solutions which are really in your interest.

Independence as the highest precept. Our clients have valued it for years. They know that it is in their interest that we don’t have any other interests.

Tax law attorneys

Taxation of mulitnational and multicorporate enterprises

International tax law

Tax litigation

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