„Be always ahead of your aircraft.“

„As a pilot you learn to identify developing risks as soon as possible and keep them in view so as to be able to effectively avoid them in time. Many principles which I follow as a pilot in the spirit of “good airmanship“, just like the principle cited above, are just as much an orientation and a precept in flying as they are in tax law.
Always having the whole range of possible developments in view is important in both areas of life. This is the only way to plan in safety reserves as protection against the unexpected. A principle which over the years has also proved itself to me in the field of taxation.“

Attorney, Certified Tax Attorney, founder of Völker Rechtsanwälte

Curriculum Vitae

1960 born in Minden/Westfalen

1979 High School diploma (Abitur)

1982 Completion of training as assistant tax advisor

1984 – 1990 Studied law and economics at the University of Hamburg

1991 – 1993 Vocational training in Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein with seats (among others) at the finance tribunal in Hamburg and the tax administration with the Hamburg tax authorities.

1994 Admission as an attorney (Rechtsanwalt), in 1999 admission as specialist for tax law.


1994 Worked as a lawyer for Rädler, Raupach Bezzenberger (later Oppenhoff & Rädler, today Linklaters) in Munich, Frankfurt/Main and Berlin, in 1997 became junior partner, primarily in the field of company-related domestic and international tax law.

1998 Moved to Raupach & Wollert-Elmendorff as director and head of the Hamburg office, from 2001 until January 2006 partner, from 1999 until 2006 head of finance and accounting. Emphasis on national and international corporate tax law.

On February 1st 2006 founded the law practice Völker Rechtsanwälte in Hamburg and continued to work in the field of corporate tax law.

Professional Experience

Dietmar Völker has in-depth knowledge of, and many years of experience in the areas of national and international tax law, in particular in the areas of corporate taxation, the restructuring of groups of companies, international holdings, cross-border leasing, asset financing, organization of funds, private equity & venture capital, as well as the intersection of tax law and tax law criminal offences.

Particular emphasis has always been on legal representation in financial disputes, both in and out of court, including case management in disputes concerning fundamental tax-related questions for a number of affected companies.
Main professional areas of responsibility

His main professional areas of responsibility are to be found in all areas of corporate tax law, domestic and international tax law, with a particular focus on the supervision of tax-related legal disputes and proceedings.

Among his clients are industrial concerns and middle-sized companies in the tobacco and oil industries, industrial and other engineering branches, building construction and real estate, food production, management consultants, banks, as well as sports governing bodies and non-profit-making organizations.


Dietmar Völker is a member of the Hamburg Bar Association (Rechtsanwaltskammer), the Association of German Lawyers (Deutscher Anwaltsverein), the German Association of Tax Lawyers (Deutsche Steuerjuristischen Gesellschaft), as well as the AOPA Germany (Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association) and the AOPA USA.

„Evaluate and observe risks.“
Dietmar Völker

Tax law attorneys

Taxation of mulitnational and multicorporate enterprises

International tax law

Tax litigation

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