Since when have lawyers been creative?

The basis of our activity is tax law and tax statutes.

So you may think that’s all plain and simple. But you know just as well as our clients that there is lots of room for maneuver and a certain amount of vagueness if you read between the lines of the law. Especially when it comes to activities on an international level.

Knowing how to utilize this room for maneuver within the bounds of what is legally possible and at the same time safely avoiding the vague grey zones demands a great deal more creativity than you might think.

A creativity that looks for intelligent solutions.

That uses tax options. That uses links to earlier cases. And that develops plausible arguments if it comes to a dispute, which will maintain and safeguard your interests.

Our expertise, our experience and our independence make it possible for us to play our creativity card to the fullest possible extent. And to present you with the best possible solution so that you get the breathing space to maneuver you deserve.

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Taxation of mulitnational and multicorporate enterprises

International tax law

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