Lots of big names – though you won’t find them here

Would you like to find your name on the internet

in connection with a tax dispute? It’s for exactly this reason that discretion is our middle name. You won’t find the names of any of our clients we have helped in tax matters.

On the one hand this goes without saying for us, on the other hand it does make it more difficult to give you an impression of the companies and concerns we have been able to help with their tax cases.

But perhaps this figure will give you some idea:

Around 80% of our services are for the top 30, that is the biggest companies in Germany, the United Kingdom, Europe and worldwide. Businesses that have remained loyal to us for more than 10 years. Businesses which represent almost all the key branches: the oil industry, consumer goods manufacturers, mechanical engineering, shipping, building, real estate…

Or to put it another way: If you want to meet our clients in person you just need to go into the garage, take a trip to the shopping center, or look through the newspaper.

Some of these companies

refer to us simply as their tax law attorneys. For others Völker Rechtsanwälte is the fast, effective tax law practice for those special tasks, to complement the work of the advisors from accountancy firms and internationally operating law firms.

We are happy with both. We are right at home cooperating as colleagues with the tax and legal departments of our clients and their advisors. And in each and every case we are able to demonstrate our first class expertise.

So how would you like

to not find your name on this page in the future?

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