We know your project is a bit more complicated

Otherwise you wouldn’t even consider instructing us to handle your affairs. The name Völker Rechtsanwälte comes up on those occasions when the underlying taxation or legal circumstances are somewhat more complicated than in the everyday case.

That’s what our clients like about us: we just love complex tasks. And we accomplish them in the best possible way, always with our clients’ interests in mind. A look at some case studies from the past few years will illustrate some of the things we could do for you:

Advice on questions concerning international tax law

  • Import duty
  • (Upstream) mergers of foreign subsidiaries
  • Cross-border software license agreements Inbound investments
  • Foreign audits
  • Transfer of limited partners’ interests abroad
  • Foreign holdings
  • Structure of a real estate project
  • Study abroad
  • Bonus payments
  • Advice on acquisitions and restructuring
  • Advice on structure and location
  • Advice and representation during a tax audit Details
  • Utilization of foreign losses pursuant to the Marks & Spencer decision
  • Advice on the extended business tax reduction for real estate companies
  • Outbound investments
  • Reorganization

FInd more information here: https://voelkertax.com/en/projects/internat-tax-law/

Advice on questions concerning domestic tax law

  • Reversal of asset-side adjustment items
  • Accruals for contingent losses
  • Fiscal treatment of incentives
  • LIFO method
  • Hidden distribution of profits
  • Reorganisation measures
  • Energy taxation
  • Mineral oil / fuel tax relief
  • Capital transfer tax
  • Accruals for semi-retirement and anniversary bonuses
  • Corporation and business tax of a registered association (e.V.)
  • Sales tax on real estate purchases
  • Challenging a notice of estimated tax
  • Disproportionate share of losses
  • Real estate stamp duty
  • Sale of land
  • Sales tax consequences of a transfer of a real estate lease
  • Non-profit status / advice on tax structuring for a sports governing body

FInd more information here: https://voelkertax.com/en/projects/domestic-tax-law/

Representation in proceedings

  • Fiscal penalty laws
  • Late payment penalty
  • Energy taxation
  • Loan waiver by a shareholder
  • Value Added Tax
  • Offsetting paid real estate stamp duty
  • Income tax liability on reimbursed travelling expenses
  • Electricity tax
  • Import duties
  • Mineral oil tax
  • Sales tax exemption pursuant to section 4 (20)a Value Added Tax Act (UStG)
  • Sales tax – individual vehicle taxation
  • Investment adjustment figure pursuant to section 12 (2) (2) Reorganization Tax Act (UmwStG)
  • Dealing with dividends from corporations based in thirds states Details
  • Real estate stamp duty
  • Dual resident company
  • Real property valuation
  • Current-value depreciation / investment valuation
  • IFSC companies
  • Profit adjustments pursuant to section 1 International Transactions Tax Act (AStG)
  • LIFO proceedings
  • Customs and excise duties
  • Capital transfer tax
  • Sales tax
  • Section 17 / Section 23 Income Tax Act (EStG)
  • Criminal code for tax offences
  • Transfer of the frozen amount (section 50c Income Tax Act (EStG)) in the case of a multilevel upstream merger

FInd more information here: https://voelkertax.com/en/projects/proceedings/

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